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BD Patro Patri is a website for matchmaking service. The main objective of this website is to help people find happiness. It is a social networking site for matrimonial services. BD Patro Patri is a part of matrimony website which has many community portals offering online matrimonial services. Register to our website for free to find a partner by your expectation from your own community.


Multiple views of a profile: Public, Private

We have two categories profile system in each and every single profile. One category is public and other category is private.


Private Profile has all information from your profile

Private profile’s information is only for paid users. We have some membership plans which are really cheap. Buying this membership plan you can be a paid user which helps you to get your partner’s private profile.


Public Profile has less information

Some of the information are allowed for any kind of users. Without buying any membership plan, user can read the public information.


Control the privacy level of each field

We have a lot of experience about this. So, the quality of our work is really awesome. We try to give the best services to our all users. Your all information are secure in our website. Our privacy level is so high. You can control your account without any risk.

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The person for whom a match is being sought is called a "Candidate". Essentially, the candidate is the person who is going to get married after a perfect match is found. Each candidate has a profile on our system which describes the candidate. The person who creates the profile of the candidate is called the "Submitter". It is possible for the same person to be both submitter and candidate of a profile.

The Profile show as 'private'?

Some of the information of a profile is only visible in the Private Profile. That's why, those information appear as 'private' in the Public Profile. You need to access the Private Profile to view them.

Premium Service Plan

When you become a paying member, the plan you subscribe to is called a Premium Service Plan. There are three premium service plans: Silver Plan, Gold Plan, and Platinum Plan.

Add to Favorites

When you review the Profile of a candidate and you would like to remember this profile for future reference, you can add the Profile to your Favorites. In future, you can access the Favorites list.

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